As of today I am only using a free anti-virus software such as AVG. AVG has everything I need but since it is free, you do get what you pay for, meaning I am still very vulnerable. A couple of steps that I am going to start taking into protecting my laptop and the information on it such as pictures, documents, bank statements, ect.., is that I will one, first PURCHASE a anti-virus software such as McAfee and completely upgrade it when the times come. Another step I will take is I will back up all important documents and my photo’s on an external hard drive, that way if anything does end up corrupted or missing, I have all the original documentation on a back up disk. This however,
does not help from hackers getting my information but that is a small price we must pay for trusting the web with our information. Passwords are an essential in security. The more you change your passwords, the better off you will be. If you have had the same password for some bit of time now, you can potentially be at risk of someone just monitoring what you do on the web. WiFi, passwords especially need to be secured so you will not have just anyone connecting to your network.


Career Day Attendance/Participation

  • For the career fair I was prepared by first, looking through the list of employers to know what I was in for and second by dressing in the appropriate attire
  • The companies that captured my interest the most would have to be Mainline Information Systems, IMAX, Turbocor, and FSU CCI.
  • I had given these companies, as well as a few others my resume.
  • At Mainline Information Systems, they are a hardware networking company that distributes Servers around the world. The technology they are looking for in potential employees is basic computer networking capabilities.
  • A few things that I learned from the event would have to be always pay attention. These may be our future co workers and all ears and attention must be focused on the Company representative.
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Jiggy at his finest

I was on the way to the dog park with my dog and decided to take a picture of him before he got all messy and what not. I used a smart phone that has a 8mp camera with duel flash. The flash was no so important here since the picture was taken in the day time. I tried to get him to do a straight face but I seemed to have caught him right when he was showing off his teeth. My camera is pretty much first or second generation on a smart phone so by the time I clicked my button to take he picture he had already yawned and had his mouth opened, 2 seconds later the picture took.

I noticed that the image was pretty clear when I uploaded it to my computer. I uploaded it to a program called Fotoxx on Linux Ubuntu distro. For the assignment, I resized the image to 1000px and the picture blew up. It was not as clear, but it was indeed a zoomed up version of the original. After resizing to 1000px i downsized it to the 500px version. I then noticed that it was the same px as the original that I uploaded. As I scroll up and down my post, I can see the variation of clarity between the pictures. The larger ones are, well overall larger, but they are not as clear as the small ones. No other color variation was used because the clarity of the camera, the angle, the sun , and everything else that took effect, left me no need to alter them.




Lab A4a

  1. Choose a computer (either your laptop or desktop)
  2. What is the type (laptop/desktop), brand and model number of the computer?
    -Dell Inspiron 15
  3. What is the form factor of the RAM? (i.e. SIMM, DIMM, etc.)
    -Dim, DDR2
  4. How much RAM (in MB) is installed?
  5. Go to CRUCIAL.COM, download the scanner and run it
  6. Can you expand the RAM capacity (by how much)?
    -Yes, by 1gig
  7. How much would it cost?
  8. What Operating System is installed?
    -Linux Ubuntu and Windows 7
  9. What percentage of your disk is fragmented?
  10. What is the clock speed of this system?
  11. Is the video circuitry on a separate card, or integrated on the motherboard?
  12. What chipset controls the graphics subsystem?
  13. How much video memory is installed?
  14. Can additional video memory be added?
    -and yes up to 1.6gb
  15. Can you run more than one monitor from your computer (how would you check this?)
    -Yes, I usually do it
  16. What is the power capacity of the power supply (in watts)?
  17. If you have chosen a laptop for this assignment, is your battery part of the recent recall (where did you check this?)
  18. What kind of interface(s) is (are) provided for internal hard drives and/or optical drives? (e.g. SCSI, ATA, etc.)
    -Terminal which I use in Ubuntu
  19. Is the NIC on a separate card or integrated on the motherboard?
  20. What is the Speed of my modem; my wireless card?
    -36.7 Mbps/21.8 Mbps
  21. How many external connection ports exist and what type are they?
    -5, cd tray, 3 usb, and memory card slot

    While I was doing this assignment I have learned a few things that I did not know before about my laptop. For starters, I learned that my processing speed is at 1200mhz and I am able to supe it up! I also learned that my video card is upgradeable so I will be doing that in the future. Overall I learned that my laptop has a lot more to offer than I thought.