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Lab A4a

  1. Choose a computer (either your laptop or desktop)
  2. What is the type (laptop/desktop), brand and model number of the computer?
    -Dell Inspiron 15
  3. What is the form factor of the RAM? (i.e. SIMM, DIMM, etc.)
    -Dim, DDR2
  4. How much RAM (in MB) is installed?
  5. Go to CRUCIAL.COM, download the scanner and run it
  6. Can you expand the RAM capacity (by how much)?
    -Yes, by 1gig
  7. How much would it cost?
  8. What Operating System is installed?
    -Linux Ubuntu and Windows 7
  9. What percentage of your disk is fragmented?
  10. What is the clock speed of this system?
  11. Is the video circuitry on a separate card, or integrated on the motherboard?
  12. What chipset controls the graphics subsystem?
  13. How much video memory is installed?
  14. Can additional video memory be added?
    -and yes up to 1.6gb
  15. Can you run more than one monitor from your computer (how would you check this?)
    -Yes, I usually do it
  16. What is the power capacity of the power supply (in watts)?
  17. If you have chosen a laptop for this assignment, is your battery part of the recent recall (where did you check this?)
  18. What kind of interface(s) is (are) provided for internal hard drives and/or optical drives? (e.g. SCSI, ATA, etc.)
    -Terminal which I use in Ubuntu
  19. Is the NIC on a separate card or integrated on the motherboard?
  20. What is the Speed of my modem; my wireless card?
    -36.7 Mbps/21.8 Mbps
  21. How many external connection ports exist and what type are they?
    -5, cd tray, 3 usb, and memory card slot

    While I was doing this assignment I have learned a few things that I did not know before about my laptop. For starters, I learned that my processing speed is at 1200mhz and I am able to supe it up! I also learned that my video card is upgradeable so I will be doing that in the future. Overall I learned that my laptop has a lot more to offer than I thought.


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