As of today I am only using a free anti-virus software such as AVG. AVG has everything I need but since it is free, you do get what you pay for, meaning I am still very vulnerable. A couple of steps that I am going to start taking into protecting my laptop and the information on it such as pictures, documents, bank statements, ect.., is that I will one, first PURCHASE a anti-virus software such as McAfee and completely upgrade it when the times come. Another step I will take is I will back up all important documents and my photo’s on an external hard drive, that way if anything does end up corrupted or missing, I have all the original documentation on a back up disk. This however,
does not help from hackers getting my information but that is a small price we must pay for trusting the web with our information. Passwords are an essential in security. The more you change your passwords, the better off you will be. If you have had the same password for some bit of time now, you can potentially be at risk of someone just monitoring what you do on the web. WiFi, passwords especially need to be secured so you will not have just anyone connecting to your network.


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